We are looking to build 500 units with the funding in the USA. We already have sourcing and are getting ready to start production. Obviously, we could build for less in Asia and we already have sourcing but it has been my experience that building the first units in the USA by having (hands on) gets the kinks worked out. Then you have a completed production model all packaged so when you source overseas, there are less surprises.

The retail pricing will most likely be 199.00 plus shipping. We are offering the first 500 units for the investment of $ 175.00 including shipping anywhere in the USA.

We will be using thicker tube steel for the spine because we feel that it needs a little more strength in that area. Also, we have eliminated the holes and the pop pin and replaced it with a T knob because this will allow tightening of the handle bars anywhere on the spine which creates more versatility.The overall weight is going to be about 30 lbs. The assembly is really easy with only 4 bolts that secure the base in place.

The molding around the base will match the studio gray color on top which differs from the prototype models. The general consensus so far is that pink and red are out and neutral colors are in.